June 16, 2012

June 16th we had five weddings that took us from St. Joseph, Mi to all parts of South Bend, In.
It was also a HOT day. We hope all our brides and grooms stayed cool and had a wonderful day. Congratulations again!

(and yes, we will be investing in a new camera very soon!) đŸ™‚

On Friday June 15th I along with many friends threw a housewarming party for a good friend. I made a Neapolitan cake. I got the idea from http://iambaker.net/neapolitan-rose-cake-rosette-cake She has some fabulous cake ideas. This one looked way to good to pass up.
Everyone loved it! It looked great and tasted better. It was 12″ cake, 3 layers. Also each layer I kept thick, which I wouldn’t do again, because the pieces were huge! But hey it’s not everyday or every week you get to make or eat a Neapolitan cake, right?!

Also, on Saturday after all the deliveries were done I enjoyed some time with my husband and his cousin and her husband at the Lake Michigan Wine Festival in Bridgman, MI. A great way to relax, enjoy some of the best wine in Michigan (in my opinion), listen to a few bands and enjoy the beautiful sunset that only Lake Michigan can offer (again my opinion) đŸ™‚
Attached are a few pictures from those two events as well. Enjoy.











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